Outlook 2003 - Setup an IMAP Email Account

Outlook 2003

1. Go to Tools > Email Accounts

2. Select Add a new email account and click Next

3. Choose IMAP as the server type and click Next

4. Enter:

-Your Name
-Full Email Address
-Incoming mail server (IMAP): cheetah.modeimpact.ca
-Outgoing mail server (SMTP): cheetah.modeimpact.ca
-User Name: (enter full email address)

5. Click "More Settings ..."

6. Click on the Advanced tab

7. Select this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) --for both incoming and outgoing

8. Set the ports to:

Incoming: 993
Outgoing: 465

9. Click OK

10. From the Email Accounts window, click Next then Finish

11. To verify that you are subscribed to all available folders on your IMAP account, right-click your IMAP Inbox (under MAIL, on the left) and select "IMAP Folders".
Result: The IMAP Folders window will appear.

12. Select Query and select a folder to add to your Outlook view then click Subscribe. Continue this process for all folders you wish to subscribe to.

13. Click OK when done.

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